Sunday, 19 April 2015

Pom Pom Rug Making

Since moving to London, I have yet had a chance to go out and socialise with others outside of work. When my mum visited over the Easter period she took me to a little store near kings cross station called Drink, Shop, Do. It has a quirky little shop with a vintagesque tea room up the stairs. A perfect little place to meet new people.

They also do crafty sessions, poetry, Lego robot making and lots of other little things. I decided to book myself in for the pom pom rug making! We got to choose 4 colours along with the size of pom pom we was looking to make. I decided on the small size because I could use it for wrapping gifts and many other things (we got to keep the maker). I decided on the theme of blue as that is the main feature colours of my room.

After the first one I made they was so quick and easy after that. They was easy to attach as well. I didn't managed to attach all the POM's or even make enough to fill a rug!

Since leaving the class I have attached and made a few more. I decided to add another colour though just to break up all the blues and make it pop a little

Before forget this beer is amazing. So sweet of honey with the slight taste of obviously alcohol!

Next class I have decided to sign up for is Linocutting tomorrow. Let's see how that works out.

Thursday, 16 April 2015


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! Today I have officially turned 24 and I'm happy with this age already. I had a lovely birthday breakfast at Fortnum and  Masons. Which consisted of crepes and berries followed by a round of toast served in a lovely little hamper.

After breakfast me and my nan visited The Pottery Cafe on Fulham Rd. I decided to paint a mug and my nan one of the jugs.

I was not really sure what to paint but I hope it comes out lovely. The quote says 'stars cannot shine without darkness.'

We then finished of at a little cafe called labis which I had a stuffed tomato with rosemary potatoes again very yummy! After dinner I was surprised with a little cupcake by the manager.

I have had a few lovely gifts from my family particularly a really amazing gift from my parents to a theatre experience in august; Alice Underground. Were you can take tea with the mad hatter, paint the roses red and see the Queen of Hearts. This I am looking forward to a lot!
Okay so I did already have one birthday cake today but before I received it I brought myself a chocolate and champage cake from Fortnums which I am going to be digging into now!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Easter Sunday with Mother

I planned to post this a while ago but did not get round to it. Every Easter my mum comes up for the weekend and Easter Sunday we have a slightly unusual tradition; Camden Town. Every year since I was around 14-15 we have been going to Camden at this time of the year (as well as summer). As usual the sunshine was out it was nice and warm with a slight chill in the air but I was easily able to not to wear a coat/jacket. It was unusually busy for this year but nothing me and my mother could not handle!

Before we even got to our usual places in Camden we came across the Mad Hatter along our travels!

He was very fun and something a little different and unusual to find in Camden. We continued the journey along to the food area to plan our meal for lunch time and along the way decided to have a fruit skewer covered in chocolate! Well more like I decided!

We stopped in my usual favorite shop Collectif in which I purchased 4 items all pre-birthday money spending so fingers crossed I get enough next week. I will have to take a picture of my amazing outfit on my birthday as I will have to wait till then for them. We both decided for our lunch to share an Indian wrap which I do not have a picture of but it was very yummy! Before I forget here is some latte art I did for some customers at work over the Easter period.

Because I don't really do Easter HAPPY SPRING TIME!  

Harvey Nics windows

On my way to work in knights bridge this morning again I noticed the windows of shops. Not for Harrods this time but for Harvey Nicoles. The theme is just stunning being a circus and acrobatics all within 'the big top', their windows. 

They are still planning some of them so they are yet to all be completed. But they are still stunning!

My favorite has to be the water tank with all the bubbles representing the model being submersed in water. I will try and get some more photos when they are all completed.